The St John’s Co-Cathedral...


Cynthia de Giorgio

Year: 2018

Format: Hardback

Language: English

ISBN: n/a

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St John’s Co-Cathedral in Valletta is considered to be one of the most magnificent churches in Europe. This definitive set of books about St John’s Co-Cathedral  by Cynthia de Giorgio, the curator at St John, narrate the history, architecture and art within this sacred edifice. The books are presented in an elegant slip-case.

The books are: The Conventual Church of the Knights of Malta which deals about the history of the church; Mattia Preti: Saints and Heroes of the Knights of Malta studies the art of this master of the late baroque who was brought to Malta specifically for this commission; Woven Splendours gives an in-depth account of the commissioning and background to one of the jewels at St John, the 29-set tapestries.

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