Principles of Maltese Company...


Prof. Andrew Muscat

Year: 2019

Format: ebook

Language: English

ISBN: 9789918617043


The work, now produced in ebook form, is the best compendium of Maltese Company Law. The second edition has been extensively revised and updated. Thee book is in one volume which comprises all the three volumes published in book formta. Aiming to demystify company law for today’s practitioners and students, this comprehensive and authoritative treatise offers an in-depth account of the fundamental principles of the subject. The book blends theory with practice and is the end product of extensive academic research conducted in this field of law combined with the author’s years of experience as a corporate lawyer.

The work focuses on the main principles of Maltese company law. Where appropriate, however, an effort has been made to discuss Maltese company law in the context both of English company law (which has exerted considerable influence on Maltese company law for practically five decades) and of European Community law (which is today a key source that will inevitably determine much of the future evolution of Maltese company law). The analysis, developed in a readable and stimulating fashion, shows that company law cannot be compartmentalized into clear-cut topics that can be studied in isolation.

The book has been meticulously updated and revised and is now presented in three elegantly bound volumes.

In foreword to the first edition, Professor Ian Refalo, refers to the book as ‘a work of outstanding quality and one which significantly enriches the scholarly literature on Maltese law’. In this new updated edition, Dr David Fabri, Head of the Department of Commercial Law at the University of Malta, in his foreword states that, “We desperately needed a proper competently authored textbook for the benefit of law students and legal practitioners, academics, as well of members of other professions such as accountants and auditors, company secretaries, compliance officers and, of course, directors.”

The author lectures on Company and Insolvency Law at the University of Malta and is a partner at Mamo TCV Advocates.

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