Daphne – A memorial in verse


Clare Azzopardi, Miriam Calleja (eds)

Year: 2023

Format: Paperback

Language: English

ISBN: 978-99932-7-959-4

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A collection of tributes in verse by over 25 poets from Malta and overseas.  In each word, each phrase, each verse, each stanza, we find you, Daphne. You sought solace in words and the spaces in between. You persist, and you do so through us, our children, and their children. And rest assured, they will be fearless with your voice burning inside them; they will endure like these words, they will bear a candle and a flower, to reassure us that your flame will never be extinguished, that you’ll never be forgotten. These verses, these words are all for you, for us, within us, for those who are yet to read you and yet to be fearless. Like you, they will persist.

This book is published together with Pen International and Pen Malta was funded by the National Book Council’s Malta Book Fund 2022 for books published into any other language.

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