Albert Ganado: A life not so...


Austin Sammut & Sergio Grech

Year: 2023

Format: Hardback

Language: English

ISBN: 978-99932-7-958-7

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Apart from politics and his career as an advocate, Ganado has made a huge contribution to the study of history, cultural progress, and the identity of the Nation’s profile, built on what he was bequeathed by his father, Judge Robert, who seems to have been a meticulous research worker in certain historical areas, such as that of the Civil Service. Albert has greatly expanded the fields of cultural interest. He sowed much, and what he reaped was even greater. One can say he was among the major founders of Maltese scientific cartography. Before him, some people had shown interest, but when Ganado took the study of maps in hand, a silent revolution occurred, resulting in this discipline being now based on granite foundations. He has always sought to collect, preserve, study and publish all that falls under the umbrella of Melitensia. From being the hobby of a few, today a compulsive desire for acquiring Melitensia has spread far and wide. It is witness to the thirst that drives persons to discover their roots and identity. It is surely the contribution of Albert Ganado and his enormous collections, which has been most influential in this field.

In these memoirs one finds all this and more. They are the self-portrait of the author but also his X-rays. It is an account of how all this happened, of how Albert Ganado grew and flourished intellectually, professionally, morally, culturally. In living, he has left behind him messages that are profound. It is right and fitting that the future will continue to understand the meaning of this first-hand testimony as presented in this book.

Giovanni Bonello

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