The Order behind the Order:...

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Thomas Freller

Year: 2024

Format: Hardback

Language: English

ISBN: 978-99932-7-982-2

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In the late eighteenth century, the Illuminati had a deep impact on a section of the knights of Malta. For over 200 years various commentators have accused the Order of St John as having been infiltrated by this mysterious secret society. The Illuminati were blamed for manipulating the election of Grand Master Hompesch, the last head of the Order who ruled over Malta, and orchestrating the fall of the island to the French. This book, based on original research, discusses the sources available and the motives why the Illuminati had such a great interest to infiltrate the century-old institution of the Order of Malta. It also shows the limitations of the influence of the secret society and why European politics contributed massively to exaggerate the fear of the Illuminati.

Maltese Social Studies Series No. 37


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