Luigi M. Ugolini’s Malta...


Andrea Pessina, Nicholas C. Vella (eds)

Year: 2021

Format: Hardback

Language: English

ISBN: 978-99932-7-809-2 

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An important milestone for Mediterranean prehistory

The legacy of Luigi Maria Ugolini’s archaeological project in Malta lay forgotten for the best part of a century. Interrupted by tragedy and war, it seemed doomed to obscurity. Now, after twenty years of forensic investigation, Pessina and Vella have gifted us with a painstaking and monumental reconstruction of Ugolini’s extraordinary vision of prehistoric Malta. The evolution of his ideas is carefully traced and located in the wider context of the archaeological debates of his day, as well as the intimate interplay between politics and archaeology. Ugolini’s meticulous records and often startlingly original interpretations are juxtaposed with the archaeological evidence and commentary from a 21st-century perspective. This multi-volume work is a triumph of scholarship, yet immensely readable. – Dr Rueben Grima

Volumes included:

Vol. 1: I templi neolitici di Tarscien (The Tarxien Neolithic temples): 524 pp with illustrations, 978-99932-7-397-4

Volume 2: I maggiori templi neolitici e l’Ipogeo* (The major Neolithic temples and the Hypgoeum): 252 pp with illustrations, 978-99932-7-398-1

Volume 3: Templi neolitici minori e monumenti megalitici* (The minor Neolithic temples): 158 pp with illustrations, 978-99932-7-399-8

Concluding volume: Malta and Mediterranean Prehistory: Luigi Maria Ugolini, Politics and Archaeology between the two World Wars, 508 pp with illustrations, 978-99932-7-758-3

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